Special tips to Visit Palace of Versailles with kids

Visit Palace of Versailles with kids

This page provides information and advice on everything you have to know before visiting Palace of Versailles with kids.

Palace of Versailles is a great monument visited by a lot of tourists, so you have to be organize before coming.

What to you want to see?

You have few possibilities which depends on what you want to see with your kids.

  • If you only want to visit the Versailles’ Palace, you should come in the morning (at 9:00 AM) or at 4:30 PM to avoid the crowd.
  • If you only want to visit the Versailles’ Palace and Gardens in 1 day, you should visit the Palace in the morning (at 9:00 AM) or at 4:30 PM to avoid the crowd, and walk in the Gardens and the Park the rest af the time.

I prefer going to the Palace in the morning, so that kids can run in the park after being so kind and quiet during the visit; it’s like a reward.

  • If you want to both visit Versailles’ Palace, the gardens and Trianon Palace and Marie-Antoinette’s hamlet in 1 day, you can organize your day that way : See the interior of the Palace at 9:00 AM, than gardens and park, and after Trianon palaces and Marie-Antoinette’s hamlet (open until 5:30 PM, 6:30 PM in high season).

I advice this plan, because kids can romp in the park before moving on with a new tour.

Reserve your ticket

When you choose what you want to visit, buy your tickets through Internet to avoid a long queue on site.

You have to reserve for adults, but it’s free for kids until 18 years old and for European Union residents under 26 (student card). To benefit, don’t forget your proof to show it at the main entrance.

The price of your ticket depends on what you want to visit.

For information, even if you have a ticket entrance for the Palace of Versailles, you will queue to the Palace main entrance (named A) to pass the control.

How many time do I need to visit?

Palace of Versailles
For visiting the Palace of Versailles with kids, you need at least one hour and half.

After two hours, my kids want to run out to the Park. 😉

At the entrance, you can have audioguides with explanations specially adapted for kids, but only in french. The audioguide is free, it’s included in the price of the ticket. The adults’ audioguide exists in 11 languages. Officially, the audioguide is available for kid from 8 years old, but kids really appreciate to have one even if they don’t fully understand.

You can also visit with a Guided tour. It costs 7€ for adult in addition to the admission price. Admission is free for children under 10 years old.

Gardens and Park
For Gardens and the Park, it depends on your legs and your kids!
You can stay as long as you want until the closing 6:00 PM (8:30 PM in the summer).

Trianon Palace and Marie-Antoinette’s hamlet
For  Trianon Palace and Marie-Antoinette’s hamlet, you need one hour and a half.

Special advice when visit with babies and Toddlers

Be careful ! Pushchairs and baby-carriers with metal frames are not allowed in the rooms of the Palace. You should bring a baby sling or a baby-carrier without metal frames for children under a year old.