Bicycle in Palace of Versailles

Booking and cost

Shall I book?

You can go to Palace of Versailles without a reservation, but you will wait for a very long time (few hours), and with kids it could be awful.

My best advice : reserve before coming !

For information, even if you have a ticket entrance for the Palace of Versailles, you will queue to the Palace main entrance (named A) to pass the control.

Where book or buy a ticket in Versailles ?

  • Ticketing’s Palace of Versailles. You could also buy it in Palace of Versailles but you will queue more than 1 hour.
  • By Internet Palace of Versailles’ partners : Digitick (€15 + €1,45 to book), FNAC (€16.80 + €0,50 for delivery) and Ticketmaster (€16,80).
  • Guidatours : this tourist agency located on the way between Versailles Rive Gauche Station and Palace of Versailles sells ticket. If you book by Internet or buy in law season (November to March) the ticket price is sold at the same price as in Palace of Versailles. You just have to remove locally with your email confirmation. In high season (April to October) : Ticket for Palace of Versailles’ visit + €2.
    10 avenue du Général de Gaulle, tel. 01 39 02 05 18
  • Tourist office (Office de tourisme) : Ticket for Palace of Versailles’ visit + €1,5€ / Passport + €2.
  • Town center of Versailles, in coffee shop and restaurants (You don’t have to consume) sign by a posters outside. The ticket is sold at the same price as in Palace of Versailles, it’s valid for 2 years. Be careful, they could be out of tickets or do not sell in low season (November to March).
    * Le Café Bleu Roi, 7 rue Colbert, (+33) 1 39 50 05 79
    * La Brasserie du Musée, 2 place Gambetta, (+33) 1 39 50 18 08
    * Le Café Place d’Armes, 1 avenue de Saint-Cloud, (+33) 1 39 50 03 60
    * Le Saint Claire, 2 rue de Satory, (+33) 1 39 50 11 42

How much will it cost ?

Good news : it’s free for kids until 18 years old and for European Union residents under 26 (student card). Be careful, don’t forget your proof to show it at the main entrance. And Guided tour is free for children under 10 years old.

The domain of Versailles is free on the first Sunday of every month from November to March. I avoid this specially day : it’s free but there are too many people. Queue is very long and it may take several hours before visiting, after that time kids are very upset.

The price depends on your visit :

  • Palace ticket allows you to visit the Palace of Versailles. The price is €15 for adult / free : 18-25 years old (student card proof) and 0-18 years old.
  • Passeport ticket lets you access anywhere at Versailles. It costs €18. Be careful : on the days of the Musical Fountains and Gardens shows (week-end from 1st April to 31th October), it costs €25.
  • 2-days Passeport ticket allows you to access anywhere at Versailles over 2 consecutive days. It costs €25, or €30 on the days of the Musical Fountains and Gardens shows.
  • Trianon Palaces and Marie-Antoinette’s hamlet ticket entitles you to admission to those places only. The price is €10.
  • Musical Gardens (Jardins musicaux) : €8 for adult [free for kids under 5 years old].
  • Fountains Night Show (Grandes Eaux Nocturnes) : €24 for adult / €20 for kid.
  • Serenade Ticket : €18.
  • Combate Ticket Serenade + Fountains Night Show (Grandes Eaux Nocturnes) : €36.
  • Admission to the Park and Gardens of Versailles is free for pedestrians but there is a fee for vehicles: €3 for a motorcycle, €6 for a car and €30 for a bus (from 12 seats).
  • Guided tour cost €7 for adult in addition to the admission price. Admission is free for children under 10 years old.

French Mother, fan of art, gives you advice to prepare your best visit to Palace of Versailles.